The total supply of PHX token is 176,406,168. Please find the details here on Etherscan.

It is native on Ethereum and can be bridged to Polygon, BSC and Wanchain with decentralized bridges.

Please find the major token holders and contracts' balances here (on 2021/8/26):

Type Address on ETH Balance on 2021/8/26 Percentage
Total supply 0xaec65404ddc3af3c897ad89571d5772c1a695f22 176,406,168.00 100%
Community Reserves 0x69a5d86ab428dcc0a91cd47acbfdae43690947b8 56,484,710.14 32%
Insurance Reserves 0x95b4ceb578500bdf6c640a02c2f20481f496d9bb 25,000,000.00 14%
Team Reserves 1 0x96ef63fedb08cffc92fb701e7f8a3569a10a53c0 20,898,150.00 12%
BSC and Wanchain Bridge 0xfceaaaeb8d564a9d0e71ef36f027b9d162bc334e 16,072,631.50 9%
Polygon Bridge 0x40ec5b33f54e0e8a33a975908c5ba1c14e5bbbdf 12,068,258.18 7%
Management Reserves 0xad66cdf6462269b678fb5fc9469e5383b31ae2cc 9,700,000.00 5%
Institution Reserves 2 0x4ea555693ba302d4175cc956063447bb63511cab 8,008,325.00 5%
cPHX Converter 0x663e0657202588c0eabd8bd6da67d87d52d3e851 3,742,832.57 2%

Type Address on Polygon Balance on 2021/8/26
PHX in the boosting contract 0x22a4d738467ce153f8a16154a968ccb3be0a0699 5,484,240.00
PHX in the compensation contract 0x5bc9de01a94e89a368dc95684603ba72cc0090ef 279,706.00
cPHX Converter 0xd61bc69e0ccd37c3b38dabb42162525b69be60ab 2,607,079.00

Type Address on BSC Balance on 2021/8/25
PHX in the boosting contract 0x649651fc6cf57eb8bc0ad0bd8dd13649a39bf9e7 2,532,017.00
PHX in the compensation contract 0x481fA2731e503eF7d548b98285165eb0C81384F4 120,483.00
cPHX Converter 0x51e5079695f958128fdd6bd7ecbf7db06bdd7267 2,316,707.00

Type Address on Wanchain Balance on 2021/8/25
PHX in the boosting contract 0xeeafc3c679f17165c245aeb6252a1101d7c451a3 534,666.00
PHX in the compensation contract 0x18e243aef86b4fF3De99Cd0eE1E4333Ca5DF56E5 1,097,072.00
cPHX Converter 0x6563c5f2affc49e186eca79cb0ea6f91a9c6ecba 1,266,432.75