PHX Addresses

The PHX token is the protocol token for the entire suite of Phoenix protocol clusters. It serves a variety of purposes including governance, voting, liquidity mining, reward boosting and more.

  • PHX token is now live on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC and Wanchain.
Public Chain Address
PHX@Ethereum 0xAeC65404DdC3af3C897AD89571d5772C1A695F22
PHX@Polygon 0x9c6bfedc14b5c23e3900889436edca7805170f01
PHX@BSC 0xac86e5f9bA48d680516df50C72928c2ec50F3025
PHX@Wanchain 0xF17c59bF0f6326dA7A8cC2CE417e4F53a26707bd
  • cPHX token is the convertible PHX, as the incentives for mining rewards. After tranferring cPHX into the conversion contract, 1/6 PHX can be claimed in every 30 days. The first 1/6 will be released immediately.
Public Chain Address
cPHX@Ethereum 0xBdD50c7B6c871D9aFB278445d5b74fDc4705a234
cPHX@Polygon 0x54a02fd4aefc77aa97cd3d30322f3e7a7d875a27
cPHX@BSC 0xd8fa6921b24ab1cd52ab553d1f99aaedc321e562
cPHX@Wanchain 0xD8Fa6921b24AB1cD52ab553d1F99aAEdc321e562