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How to Designate Your Boosting to Other Pools

As introduced in the the Rewarding and Boosting System, in addition to the basic rewards, boosted rewards are incentives for miners staking PHX or cPHX in the contracts, meaning users can stake PHX or cPHX in the boosting contracts to enhance the basic mining rewards.

The mining contract gives stakers greater flexibility, that users can adjust the pools they intend to boost in, even after staking.

Here is a short, hands-on guide on how to designate your boosting effects of mining to other pools.

Step 1

Following the same steps in the reward boosting guide, please navigate to the 'earn' UI and connect your wallet.

Step 2

Choose the pool you want to move your boosting effect to. In this example, I intend to move the boosting from the Matic Pool to the USDC Pool. Press the 'boost' button at the end.

Step 3

Choose the 3rd one, 'designate boosting to pools', and press the 'next' button.

Step 4

On the following page, please double confirm the pools you are staking in and moving out of. Then press 'next'.

Step 5

Please input the amount of vePHX you would like to move.

You will see all the details after re-designating the boosting effect in the next page.

Press confirm to complete the transaction through your wallet.

Congratulations, you have successfully designated the boosting effect to other pools.

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